“All the ends of the world shall remember and turn to the Lord, and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before thee. For the kingdom is the Lord’s and he ruleth among the nations” (Psalm 22:27-28)

The First Landing 1607 Project focuses on going back to America’s origin—the first documented original covenant where colonists landed at Cape Henry, Virginia, erected a wooden cross on April 29, 1607, took communion and dedicated the new world to God. America’s history centers more on the 1607 Jamestown and 1620 Plymouth settlements, but little is known or taught about the 1607 First Landing Covenant of Dedication at Virginia Beach.

We recognize that prior to the English settlers arriving in 1607, there were other countries/groups that either visited or settled in what was to become the United States of America, well before First Landing. Our mandate with the First Landing 1607 Project is to go back to the original civil covenants of America and re-covenant or re-dedicate America back to God.

Today, both the settlements at Jamestown and Plymouth each have about 360,000 people visit each year (1000 per day) and generate about $350 million per year for each settlement under the jurisdiction of the National Parks.

What sets the First Landing site at Virginia Beach apart from Jamestown 1607 and the Plymouth 1620 settlements, although very important in our history, is the fact that First Landing was the very first place where the early English settlers arrived on April 26, 1607. Three days later, April 29, they went ashore to plant a wooden cross where the very first new nation was dedicated to God. The ships then traveled along the James River, arriving two weeks later at what was to become the first Jamestown settlement. These English settlers carried the seeds of the Christian Common Law, self-governance, and spiritual liberty cited in the Charter of 1606, a document from King James I of England to the Virginia Company.

The King James commission to the Virginia Company of London was two-fold:

• Dedicate the new land to God and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the native inhabitants.
• Establish trading in the new colonies.

To bring the nation back to its original roots (Back to Origin), where America was first dedicated to God on April 29, 1607, at First Landing, Virginia beach. This will be achieved by a ceremony on April 26, 2023, at the Marriott Delta Virginia beach near near the First Landing State Park. 

This Declaration Of Covenant on-site event from 1-4pm ET and the Gala Dinner that evening from 6:30-11pm is by invitation only as the ballroom at the Marriott Delta only holds about 200 people. Prior registration on our website is required.

A second off-site venue will accommodate up to 1,000 more attendees at a nearby church for prayer and worship that evening from 7-8:30 pm ET. Other attendees will be able to join from around the world on our FREE livestream from 1-4pm Et and again from 6:30-9pm. See registration page. 

NOTE: We are planning this as a recurring annual event on April 29 in future years.

Unfortunately, only April 26 was available during 2023.

• The primary focus of this event is to declare a Declaration Of Covenant over America on April 26, 2023, re-dedicating (re-marrying) the nation back to God, 416 years after its inception and repenting for the sins of the nation.

• At this event, it is not our intent to promote any political figure or party, but rather to bring the nation as a whole back to God through prayers, repentance and proclamation.


We the people, wish to have an annual “First Landing Day” recognized by federal and state legislation as a public holiday to celebrate the first time the new world was dedicated by the colonists to God at Cape Henry, Virginia Beach on April 29, 1607. It is to be a day of personal reflection about the Christian origins of this great nation and a national day of prayer, fasting, repentance and renewing of civil vows according to the 1607 First Landing Covenant of Dedication.


Even though 416 years has passed, this historical first landing event is not sufficiently recognized nationally. The 1607 First Landing Covenant of Dedication event is an opportunity to teach all people this valuable history lesson which has been lost to the average American and to the rest of the world. The event and the Declaration Of Covenant will offer generations to come the opportunity to fulfill the 1607 First Landing Covenant of Dedication mandate to reach all of America and the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


America has many challenges, but unless we recognize that America’s primary problem is spiritual, we will continue to decline. The primary problem is that our country has moved away from the blessings of God by turning away from God and His commandments. Only a small, strong, spiritual remnant remains. A remnant is all that God needs to fulfill His purposes in America. Through the Remnant Revolution Tour, and other local and national initiatives, we will bring His light to the entire nation. 

The remnant of patriotic clergy and people of faith that remain need to unite and take up our rightful roles to awaken the world by exposing darkness with light and truth. For America to survive the current assault on liberty, it is imperative for people of faith to join hands and speak out against all forms of tyranny. We must expose the worldwide satanic cabal of elites and their evil deeds against America and against all of humanity. These evil forces war against republicans, democrats, independents, and people of all races. They see humanity as fodder and of no value. Their goals are simple: depopulate humanity and control those who remain by placing them under further bondage. This is now clear to most people.

The church in the USA has largely become irrelevant and lost its voice because of its disobedience and silence. However, there is a growing, patriotic remnant unwilling to let tyranny in the US and abroad go unchallenged. This remnant is willing to count the cost and speak out. This remnant from all seven mountains of culture (church, media, government, arts, medical, entertainment and education) are beginning to step up and lead the Great Awakening, bringing the light of the gospel while exposing darkness and evil with truth.

America has a spiritual problem. Therefore, going back to our origin/roots is essential to get us back on track.